Candlestick Series

  • XJ-8344 Triangular horizontal candlestick

    XJ-8344 Triangular horizontal candlestick

    The appearanced of this candlestick is particular.  Itsoutward embellishment is made of  screw threads. It is  like a hollow screw. But there are three pointed legs to   support it. This design doesn’t slide easily when you utilize  it.

  • XJ-8653 Three-legged smooth candlestick

    XJ-8653 Three-legged smooth candlestick

    The surface of this kind candlestick is very smooth . There is not any decoration on it. It is used to place the candles . And these three—legged candlesticks are usually used in  western restaurants,and bedrooms .Of course, it also can  bring romance for you.

  • XJ-8652 Three-legged face candlestick

    XJ-8652 Three-legged face candlestick

    This candlestick is different from the other types. It  embodies the intergration of human and object. When you  make use of it, you will have a fantastic feeling. A sense of  harmony arises in the heart. In addition, the quality is very  good and the price is reasonable.

  • XJ-8353 Ribbed glass

    XJ-8353 Ribbed glass

    This product is like a cylinder. We call it a bamboo  candlestick. However, it is divided into two parts.  Two—thirds of the upper part is smooth. The lower part of  the third is the vertical stripe. It is very transparent. We  generally lay it in the bedroom.

  • XJ-8356 Mushroom candlestick

    XJ-8356 Mushroom candlestick

    There is a glass article which is similar to a mushroom. It owns two mouths. A large candle opening is above and a  small one below. Yet,the mushroom cap is decorated with  vertical stripes. The column wax is placed in the upper mouth at the top. The rod wax is just the opposite.

  • XJ-8346 Small corrugated candlestick

    XJ-8346 Small corrugated candlestick

    Do your products have a minimum order quantity? If so, what is the minimum order quantity? If we have products in stock, how many can be sent, if not or newly developed products, depending on the size of the product, the minimum order quantity is 10,000. What is the total capacity of your company? 9,000 tons per year. What is your quality process? Our factory will go through three times of quality inspection. Exquisite candlesticks add interest to home life, spend a small amoun...