How about glass lampshades for lamps?

Lampshade, a cover set on the periphery of the lamp flame or on the bulb for gathering light or weatherproof. Lampshades are made of various materials. Common materials include fabric, pvc, kraft paper, glass, acrylic, etc. Everyone knows that direct lighting to the human eye will cause discomfort to the human eye. In order to avoid direct lighting to the eyes, install a lampshade on the lamp. So, what about the glass lampshade of the lamp? What is the price of lamp glass? If you don’t know much about these, let’s get to know them together!

Lamp glass is actually a kind of glass cover on the lamp. This lamp glass cover can well protect the lamp from damage and add aesthetic feeling and decorative effect to the indoor environment. The glass cover of the lamp is not only used to cover the lamp in order to gather the light together, but also to prevent electric shock and protect the eyes. Therefore, most lamps will have a lampshade. The lamp glass lampshade is a popular lampshade in recent years. The glass has a crystal clear texture and has a good reflection effect on the light source, which can increase the lighting brightness of the lamp, through the geometric shape of the glass, a reflection effect can be formed, adding beauty to the room.

Post time: Apr-19-2022